Vampire’s Garden

photo of red roses
Photo by Irina Kostenich on

Are you interested in botany, gardening, or plant lore? So are some vampires…

If you’ve read Love Lies Bleeding by Aspasía S. Bissas, you’ll know that main character Mara is both a vampire and a herbalist. She still studies plants, has a garden, and runs an apothecary business. This is where you can find posts exploring Mara’s plants.


Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth




close up photo of lavender growing on field

St. John’s Wort

st johns wort 2


yellow dock


white cluster flowers in bloom


vampire's garden chamomile, aspasia s. bissas


Vampire's Garden: Garlic, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas


Vampire's Garden: Nettles, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas

Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Vampire's Garden: Bleeding Tooth Fungus, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, bleeding fungus, devil's tooth, mushroom, mushrooms, bleeding mushroom, edible mushrooms, gross mushrooms, tripophobia, trypophobia, plants, botany, herbs, herbalism, vampire, vampires,


Vampire's Garden: Hawthorn, post by Aspasia S. Bissas,

Bloody Dock

Bloody Dock, red-veined dock, bloody sorrel, red-veined sorrel, wood dock, Rumex sanguineus, Vampire's Garden, Aspasia S. Bissas,

Queen Anne’s Lace

Vampire's Garden: Queen Anne's Lace, Daucus carota

Bleeding Heart

Photo by Pixabay on


Photo by Julia Filirovska on

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