See What People Are Saying About Blood Magic…

Callum Beesley, Vamped:

“A great cover always helps.

I remember this much, a few months after reading Aspasía S. Bissas’ first novel, Love Lies Bleeding (2017).

Aspasía’s new short story, Blood Magic, teases readers and allows them to warm up before things get serious. By the end of page 1, the clever wit and sense of humour her readers are so familiar with, grips you.” (Read more…)

See What People Are Saying About Love Lies Bleeding

Locksley2010, A Wise Fool:

“I love vampires. I especially love the modern version of vampires being sexy, having cool powers and using blood drinking as a metaphor for sex. ” (Read more…)

Callum Beesley, Vamped: 

“It took me a while to pick this book up because I doubted if anyone could bring something new to this weather-beaten cliff of a sub-genre: vampire romance.

I should not have worried.” (Read more…)

Andy Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampires:

“I am a strong reader, some might suggest voracious. However it is the rare gem that makes me utterly devour a tome disregarding all over stimuli. Love Lies Bleeding is such a gem.” (Read more…)

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