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Photo by Scott Morrison

Aspasía S. Bissas wrote her first short story at the age of six (a dark tale about a deadly flower) and illustrated it with a pink highlighter. She no longer does illustrations but she’s been writing stories ever since. Inspired by pop culture, mythology, history, and magic–as well as a lifelong obsession with vampires–Aspasía is the author of the dark fantasy novel Love Lies Bleeding and the short story Blood Magic, set in the same world. She is currently completing the second novel in the series.

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When she’s not writing, Aspasía spends her time getting lost in books, watching Buffy and Doctor Who with her partner in crime, and herding their three cats/furry overlords.

She also supports numerous causes, particularly those that involve helping animals. Some of her favourite organizations include the OSPCA, Toronto Wildlife Centre, SafePet Ottawa, Big Cat Rescue, Black Cat Rescue, and FLAP Canada. She’s a member of the Toronto Botanical Garden and the Toronto Zoo.

Questions? Feel free to contact Aspasía.