4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative

4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, aspasiasbissas.com
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A while back I read a great article about how travelling can enrich your writing. In it, the author outlines how travel is unpredictable, fosters empathy and reflection, and creates authenticity in your writing. Now that travel is slowly getting to be possible again, it seems like a good time to remind ourselves of how much it can add to our lives. Here are four more ways travelling is good for creativity (even if you don’t go any farther than the other side of town)…

It breaks up your routine

Even the most imaginative person needs inspiration, and, as many of us have learned these last couple of years, nothing is less inspiring than doing the same things and seeing the same few places over and over again, day after day. Going somewhere new shakes you out of your rut, gives you a fresh perspective, and re-ignites creativity.

4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, aspasiasbissas.com
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It helps you learn

If you go somewhere you’ve never been, you’re bound to learn something, whether it’s a few words in another language, facts about local history, or even a new skill (so many places offer classes and workshops for tourists). What you discover can be the spark you need for your current project, or the inspiration for something new.

4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, aspasiasbissas.com
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It gives you the chance to be a different kind of creative

There are all kinds of opportunities to be creative while you travel, and if you can do so in a new (to you) way, even better (I’ve written before about how creativity begets creativity). Take pictures, write a journal entry (or poetry, short fiction, a song…) about your trip, sketch what you see, take part in a workshop, visit galleries and bookstores, talk to interesting people you meet along the way. Use it all as creative fuel.

4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, aspasiasbissas.com
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It can help you in unexpected ways

When I was having trouble finding the right image to use for the cover of Love Lies Bleeding, a photo I’d taken in Paris turned out to be just what I needed (I posted about it here). My Paris trip photos also came through for the cover of Blood Magic, and I have a third one in mind for the next book. I didn’t go to Paris to take photos for my covers, but my travels led to exactly what I needed. You never know what going somewhere new could end up doing for you.

4 Ways Travel Can Help You Be More Creative, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, aspasiasbissas.com
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You don’t have to travel to be creative, but it really does help. Even if you can’t make it to another country, try exploring a different nearby town, or visit a neighbourhood in your own town that you’ve never been to. The important thing is to break out of routine and try something new. It could lead you to places you never expected.

Has travel helped your creativity? Share in the comments…

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Wear a mask and get vaccinated!

What he said!

honor the gods

This has been a public service announcement from Marcus Aurelius.

Readers, if you’re eligible for the vaccine and haven’t already done so, please get the shot/s.

We can’t make the world a better place without your help.


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I’m happy to report that my re-read of Gods Behaving Badly was a good one. I’d mentioned that I was concerned I wouldn’t enjoy it as much this time around, but I’m happy to say it has mostly held up. It would’ve made a great series, and I’m sorry that the author never pursued that route.

I’m now moving on to Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. This is one of the rare cases where I’ve seen the movie before reading the book. Since I love the movie, however, I’m really excited to finally be getting to the book.

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(PS: In other news, I got my second covid shot. Who would have thought that something like a vaccine would be cause for celebration in our lifetimes? But then again, who would’ve thought we’d be going into year 2 of a pandemic? We owe a debt of gratitude to all the researchers and scientists– and volunteer test subjects– who worked so hard to get us a vaccine as quickly as they did. And also to everyone stepping up and getting the vaccine. Being vaccinated not only stops the spread and protects those who legitimately can’t get vaccinated, but it also prevents new variants.)