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Well, I finally finished Practical Magic, and while I can’t say I hated it, I do have to admit that it’s one of two books where I liked the movie better (the other one being The Princess Bride). I don’t think I’ll be rushing to read the sequel (but I’m very much on board for a movie sequel with the original cast!)

For my next read, I’ve actually chosen two books. First a re-read:

I loved this book, so I’m excited to revisit it!

The other one is a bit of a departure. Since I’m trying to improve my French skills, I keep hearing that a great way to learn another language is to read books in that language. I do have a few French books in my collection, but they’re all currently packed, so I checked to see if any e-books were available free (from reputable sources). There were a few promising options, so I picked the one that looked the most fun (and manageable for my reading level):

Current;y Reading: blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas. Le Sceau by Kim Richardson

I can’t resist a good paranormal read 🙂 And it’s the first in a series, so I could have a lot of solid French practice ahead of me.

What are you reading these days? Share in the comments…


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