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I think this might be my last Terry Pratchett novel for a while. There are some authors, like Pratchett and Douglas Adams, that you have to be in the right mood to read, and I just haven’t been in that mood. There’s a good chance I’ll come back to Discworld, though, as I hate the thought of starting a series and not finishing it!

What are you reading these days? Share in the comments…


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9 Replies to “Currently Reading”

    1. It’s definitely a conundrum. Unless I really hate something, I’ll usually finish it, though (mind you, Discworld is 40-something books, so maybe taking breaks every so often is the best way to approach it anyway!)

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  1. Have you read Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens? This is something I would like to get around to reading – currently reading another Sandman Graphic novel – these stories are just too awesome.

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    1. I haven’t read Good Omens. Tbh, I wasn’t thrilled with the show, and I suspect the same issues would exist in the book. I do like Sandman, though– I should go back and read the ones I never got to (or just read them all from the start).

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      1. I agree and I suppose it stands to reason but I would not have regarded myself as so “easily” swayed haha 😉 Yes, I am enjoying it but it doesn’t grip me as much as I remember it doing!

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      2. I know what you mean about thinking you’re not so easily swayed lol I’m glad it’s still enjoyable, though– the worst is when you loved something and then go back and can’t stand it anymore.

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