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Quote of the Day, blog post by Aspasia S. Bissas, Quote, militant decency, anger, injustice, terry pratchett, anger is energy, make the world better, do the right thing.

I found this on Facebook and can relate. Anger isn’t inherently bad– it’s energy, and it can be focused and channelled into something good. Maybe we should stop wasting time feeling guilty about our anger or trying to suppress it, and work instead on turning that anger into something that makes the world better. What do you think? Share in the comments…


Aspasía S. Bissas

8 Replies to “Thought of the Day”

  1. There are plenty of people angry in the world and want to rant and rave about what they are angry about. But there are few who are willing to look past the emotion and want to channel that anger into action to do something positive to change it. The media loves to focus on those who use their anger who do take action, but keep that anger going.

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    1. Yes, channelling the anger is the difficult part, but well worth the effort, not just for making the world better, but for your own sake as well. I think maybe more people would channel if they knew how, though. We’re raised to suppress our anger and that’s not helping anyone.

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      1. You raise a very good point! We are taught anger is a bad thing and should be avoided, yet anger can give us the fire to get something done, even keep us alive.

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      2. There seems to be a belief held by quite a lot of (maybe even most) people that emotions in general are bad, so it’s no surprise that powerful emotions like anger are particularly vilified. Anger (and all emotions) are part of us for a reason– maybe eventually we can stop fighting the things that make us human.

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