Book Review! Love Lies Bleeding

I’m honoured to share a wonderful review of Love Lies Bleeding. Check it out and leave a like or a comment…

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A Wise Fool

Full Moon ♍

Two posts on the same night? Aren’t you lucky!

Going with the flow of Awen and with the “Creativity comes with other people” theme from my other post, I felt compelled to write this one!

I haven’t done a book review before and I am thrilled that my first is for my fellow blogger and friend, Aspasía S. Bissas’ novel ‘Love Lies Bleeding’.

Firstly, ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘ is a romance. I don’t do romance books, but this was a first. Ok, technically Dracula could be classed as one- alright, a love story!

Secondly, this is a story in a world that has vampires in it.

I love vampires. I especially love the modern version of vampires being sexy, having cool powers and using blood drinking as a metaphor for sex.

Our main protagonists are Mara and Lee. Mara’s a young (looking) vampire who is…

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