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Well, I’m back to Discworld for at least one more book. I’m sorry to say the last Victorian tea house mystery I read will be the last one for me in that series. Can anyone recommend a series (or even a standalone book) to try?

What are you reading these days? Share in the comments…


Aspasía S. Bissas

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10 Replies to “Currently Reading”

      1. Forgive my poor memory– did we chat about a book called Possession? The only one I can think of is by A.S. Byatt, but I haven’t read it yet (my copy is still in storage with most of my other books, alas).

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      2. Lol well at least I remembered that much. Thanks for understanding 🙂 I’ve read and enjoyed some of A.S. Byatt’s other works, so when I come across one of hers that I don’t already have, I’ll pick it up. I have a very, very large “to read” pile (most of which is currently in boxes). It’ll be a while before I get a chance to read it (sigh).

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