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It turns out the book I mentioned in my last Currently Reading post isn’t meant to be read straight through. The author actually instructs not to read more than a chapter a week, to make sure you thoroughly understand the subject matter (makes sense). This, however, is not a satisfying situation for any reader, especially since a book on anxiety and phobias isn’t exactly one you can lose yourself in, even when you’re not limited to perusing small chunks very slowly. So I’m picking up a book on the side. Something fun and distracting (which I think is as much therapy as any self-evaluation or visualization exercise). I don’t usually read mysteries, but it’s hard to resist one with witches and vampires.

What are you reading these days?


Aspasía S. Bissas

(P.S. If you’d like to see what else I’ve read, check out my Goodreads page.)

5 Replies to “Currently Reading”

  1. That’s a new one to me – recommending folk not to read more than a chapter a week (well, apart from reading the agrippa haha). Is is terribly hard to digest or is each chapter 100 pages long?
    I am reading a history of the castles of some dukes in Brittany ;-p One family had 61 for good ness sakes!!

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    1. No, the chapters aren’t too long or difficult, but there are exercises to do and I guess the author doesn’t want people to rush through.

      Your book sounds interesting! That family can feel free to donate one of their castles to me 😉 (And now we have a little more insight into the Revolution.)

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      1. Ah ok. Not exactly showing much confidence in the reader though.
        It’s a crazy amount isn’t it? I know that castles were sometimes built to be a day’s travel apart but sometimes they had four within a 20 mile radius!

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      2. I was also thinking the author didn’t have much confidence in the reader lol Glad it isn’t just me 🙂

        Some people collect books, some collect stamps, some collect castles! Apparently there’s no such thing as too many…


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