Sixteen Butterflies (and a Turtle)

Recently I paid a visit to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (Ontario, Canada) and I’m so glad I did. Besides being the perfect respite from the freezing weather, it was a magical experience being surrounded by butterflies (many more than 16). I highly recommend it. I thought I’d share a few of the photos I took…

IMG_8034 edit_1C

IMG_7978 edit_1_C
Basking in the sunshine

IMG_8001 edit_1C

IMG_8014 edit_1C
You’d never guess what this butterfly looks like with its wings open….

IMG_8108 edit_1C
The inconspicuous brown butterfly from the last photo turns out to be a stunning blue morpho when its wings are spread! I was so glad I could get a photo of one.
IMG_8020 edit_1C
These are Owl butterflies. I think you can guess why they’re called that.
IMG_8045 edit_1C
The hatchery was amazing. I think it’s worth a visit on its own.

IMG_8068 edit_1C

IMG_8090 edit_1C
I thought the underside of this butterfly was just as beautiful as its top.
IMG_8118 edit_1C
Along with the butterflies, the Conservatory features birds, koi, and this guy.

Besides being fascinating, beautiful (and slightly creepy) creatures, butterflies are also symbols of transformation and rebirth. Thinking about their life cycle from egg to larva (caterpillar), chrysalis, and the final emergence as a winged adult, it’s difficult not to also notice the parallels with the writing process. From the germ of an idea; to first, second, and third (or more) drafts; to the final transformative process from manuscript to book, the creative process is mirrored in humans and insect. Maybe butterflies should be the unofficial mascots of writers everywhere. What do you think?

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